Trust Ratings

Better than ESG. Trust Ratings tell you more than ESG metrics about the risk you assume in relationship with publicly traded companies. They are based on an in-depth assessment of factors like financial governance, quality of earnings, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, relative risk, and our proprietary Market-Implied Governance Metric, which uses market-based assessments of a company to supplement these other analytics. 

Trust Ratings go well beyond your standard ESG analysis. Think ESG+. No, wait, think ESG+++.


America's Most Trustworthy Companies

Which are the most trustworthy publicly traded companies in the U.S.?

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Sustainable Value Grades®

Large single-position losses adversely affect performance rankings. Volatility affects Sharpe Ratios and feeds customer fears. And if your endowment is relied upon to provide operating income, you can't afford surprises.  

Sustainable Value Grades® are a unique and tested method for finding excess risk in U.S. equities. They are a tool to help you to  minimize downside surprises, differentiating good risk from bad.    

Incorporating Sustainable Value Grades® into your investment process makes your portfolio a more efficient user of scarce investor capital. And that makes you better at what you do.  

 We're known for our unique, insightful, value-creating ideas. Our proprietary Sustainable Value Grades® are an example of that ingenuity.  Built from the same foundation as our Trust Ratings and derived by asking dozens of forward-looking questions about risk, risk  expectations, valuations, substitute investments, governance — both  financial and more traditional ESG, market psychology, institutional  psychology, potential accounting manipulation, and much more, they offer a perspective on risk unlike anything available elsewhere.    

Make  sure you're not missing the bad apples. Make sure you're not afraid to take good risks.   

Our data can also be used to create equity portfolio benchmarks of only the most-trusted companies in the marketplace  —  to identfy those companies that are missing from your portfolio as well as those you might wish to  remove. As with equities, a better understanding of trust will improve credit  portfolio performance and standard credit risk measures, enhancing your analytic capabilities.  

To learn more about Trust Ratings and Sustainable Value Grades®, click on the link below to contact us. 

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