Real World Governance

We help companies take risk better

Risk is not to be feared. Rather, we should competitively strive to understand it so that we can do our work with more confidence and better than anyone else.   

Leadership is this manner has a very new meaning. There is a clear link between good risk governance and the ability of organizations to create value. Understanding that link and knowing how to leverage the power of your company's "social network" are essential for your success.

Good governance is about creating the environment in which innovation thrives. All companies and organizations are systems of interacting people and technologies. And, all systems will eventually break to some degree. Good governance is about helping systems to "break well" so that innovation can continue uninterrupted.

We've literally written the book on how to do this.

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The (b)right steps process is a focused, personalized assessment of both the current state of affairs and what's possible for you to achieve. From this, we build toward making your organization one that thrives for the ages.

“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

 - Marcel Proust  

The (b)right steps process

Step 1: Trust

The foundation of all that you do is the establishment of high levels of trust among those interested in your success. Our process evaluates trust among internal governors and key innovators as well as external members of your organization's social network.  

Step 2: Engagement

Even if trust levels are already high, we look for ways in which you can improve the engagement of key parties to your success. These key allies are harbingers of both risks and opportunities and are essential to your growth and longevity. 

Step 3: Innovation

Innovation is essential for your continued growth. In fact, to grow at a rate that ensures your long-term survival, you need to keep innovating at a faster and faster pace. Innovation happens when there are strong levels of trust and engagement among the key parties to your success. We help you to establish the channels that allow experimentation, nurturing of success, and control of the downside risk of trying things that are new. 

Step 4: Discovery

Trust, Engagement, and Innovation lead you to both new ideas and new risks. The discovery of each gives you both opportunity and a greater need for resiliency. Our risk evaluation process brings new levels of understanding to both executives and board members. You'll both sleep better at night and take risk more confidently. 

Step 5: Empowerment

With this new knowledge comes greater confidence to take risk and to distribute the risk-taking to those in your organization that can do the most with it.

This is your final step in the (b)right governance process and the discovery of what's possible!

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We work individually and collectively with all key parties to your success, following this 5-step process of assessment and development towards better governance, new vision, and the creation of value.